The Ultimate Foundation of Wealth

Before one can invest, one must be able to create the money to invest with.

And where do we get the money?

We get it from the difference of our income and expenses.

Whether in business or in personal finance, the Ultimate Foundation of Wealth is the Ability To Create Profit.


Hence, it is important to track one’s finance. I personally use the app Spendee (it can be downloaded in android and ios).

Because on payday, we don’t want to be like this:

It is not advisable for a person to invest in the market if he has a NEGATIVE Net Income.

The solution to increase PROFIT!

  1. Increase INCOME through a second-job, sideline, business, or any activity that will give a Positive Cashflow.
  2. The other is to minimize EXPENSES. This can be done by identifying your needs and wants and what wants are you willing to give up for a better return in the future. (a.k.a. BUDGETING)

For a person who is earning hand-to-mouth, wherein INCOME = EXPENSE, I won’t suggest to invest but to find ways to increase INCOME first.

When there is already an excess with one’s INCOME – EXPENSE, one can already start to invest.


Your Millennial Wealth Planner,

Harold Q. Gardon, CWP, CEPP

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