About Me

Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Harold Q. Gardon and I am the owner of CommonCentsPH.com.

My objective is to make Complicated Financial Concepts CommonSensically Simple.

I am a Licensed Financial Consultant, Certified Wealth Planner, Certified Estate Planner of the Philippines, and a Financial Stewardship Mentor.

I believe that the Pursuit of Wealth is a PATRIOTIC DUTY! When Filipinos become RICH, the Philippines becomes a RICH COUNTRY.

Everyone deserves to be wealthy and, regardless of social class, can be Financially Free.

Being Wealthy and Financially Free doesn’t equate to having a lot of money.

Wealth defined here is having the money, time, and health to enjoy life while Financial Freedom is the financial state wherein your passive income is greater than or equal to your expenses.

Hence, a person who’s monthly expenses is P30,000 and earns a passive income of P40,000 might not be RICH from one’s perspective but he is Wealthy and Financially Free because he has the time, money, and health to enjoy life.

It is my PERSONAL MISSION to help individuals and families to achieve their Financial Goals, GET OUT OF DEBT, and be Financially Free!

Together, let’s achieve your goals and let’s spread financial literacy to the Filipino people.

Wishing you Financial Success!

If you have any questions? Want Financial Advice? Or you want us to discuss a specific topic of your interest? Feel free to message me and I promise to reply as soon as I can!