Be An Advisor

Do you have what it takes to be a Financial Advisor?

Are you tired of doing the same things over and over again?

Waking early in the morning, doing the same routine, and can’t find the reason why you go to work except for the thing they call Pay Check?

Are you looking for MORE out of life?

You want to quit the corporate world but you can’t  because you need the income?

You can’t stand your boss who power trips and does nothing while you do all the work and he takes the credit?

You spend almost 16 hours of your life at work everyday: 4 hours in the traffic and 12 hours in the office; and you ask yourself for work-life balance?

You sacrifice 5 days every week for 2 days of rest. You work yourself like a slave for 11.5 months just for that 15days of vacation and still the office calls?


You love your job and your boss is okay but you just want to have additional income?

But before I ask you to be a Financial Advisor, answer the following questions first:

  • Are your passionately driven to succeed in life?
  • Do you want to create a mark in the world one person at a time?
  • Are you the person that says No to NO and do whatever it takes to succeed?
  • Are you a person who will do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality?

If the answer is YES to all the questions, feel free to proceed.

If the answer is NO, that’s okay this business is not for everyone just visit and read my articles.

Here is my proposal: Have Two Jobs, Save One Salary!

Test the water by starting as a part-timer. Work as hard as you can until your income as a Financial Advisor is equal or greater than what you are earning with your current job. After a year, assess if you want to take the leap of faith and be a Professional Financial Advisor.

If you see yourself doing this business in the first few months, you can start building your team: be an Assistant Unit Manger > Unit Manager > Branch Manager > Area Manager > District Manager.

Based from experience, it is possible to achieve your current income in a span of 6-12months. But don’t get me wrong. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It entails a lot of hard work, grit, and passion to succeed in this business.

But what I can attest is that your income is based on your hard work unlike in corporate where you need to wait for a year, your boss’ recommendation, and the approval of a committee. Here, you dictate how much you earn.

What is it for you?

INCOME: Your income is dependent on the work you do. It has no limit and no one can dictate how big it will be but YOU.

TIME: You control your time. You can decide what days in the work week will you rest or work hard. You can adjust and make time with people you love and attend their milestones.

TRAVEL: The company appreciates your effort, hard work, and time. And if you qualify, you get to travel in LUXURY at least 6 times per year.

TOUCH PEOPLE’S LIVES: Being a financial advisor is not a short-term gig. It is a lifetime of commitment. Every closed transactions means you protect a person and his loved ones from life’s uncertainties; making sure that they maintain their dignity and way of living in the future.

There are a more perks on this business, but for me the TIME and to be able to TOUCH PEOPLE’S LIVES are what struck me.

Before, I spend almost 12-16 hours a day at work. Now, I can control my time and choose to spend it with the people I love. Of course, I still work but no can dictate me where I should be at a particular time.

Second, I found my personal mission in this business: my passion. One of the reasons I wake up in the morning and passionately do what I do is because I don’t want my competitors to come to my clients before me which are:

  • Premature Death
  • Accidents and Disabilities
  • Critical Illness
  • Poor Financial Planning

Is there still room for me in the Industry?

More than what you can imagine! We need more people to join this industry! For a population of 101 Million with less than 1% investing in the stock market and less than 2% having personal insurance policies, the timing is more than perfect.

There are only 40,000+ Financial Advisors for 101Million people. A person in his lifetime will get an average of 4 policies. Hence, the potential is 404 Million.

More than the opportunity, I believe that the Pursuit of Wealth is a patriotic duty. When Filipinos become rich, the Philippines becomes rich. And in order for this to happen, we need more qualified professional Financial Advisors to secure more people and spread financial literacy.

What is Expected from You When You Start?

  • TIME: Can you spend at least 15hrs/week for this business?
  • KNOWLEDGE: Are you willing to attend Trainings and Seminars all at our expense?
    • ROOKIE WORKSHOP: Every Saturday for 3 months, 9am-12pm.
    • After graduating from the Rookie Workshop, you are expected to attend the MDRT Club which will teach you advance skills and deeper knowledge: Every Wednesday, 6:30-9:00pm.
    • PRODUCTIVITY TRAININGS: There are Day and Night Trainings, schedule changes every month.
  • FINANCIAL CAPABILITY: It is expected that you have a revolving fund to attend trainings and meet your clients.

Who are We?

We are group of young at heart professionals passionately living our dreams and believing that through financial planning we make this world a better place.

We are part of a British Financial Services Giant established in 1848 and the first to introduce VUL (Variable Unit Linked) in the Philippines which changed the landscape of the financial services in the country. VUL is the first financial product that combines protections (insurance) and investments.

We believe that our mission is to secure as much lives as possible. We also make sure that no one is left behind. That is why we have our own trainings, seminars, and leadership programs.

We are one of the top producers and biggest units in the Philippines.

I am Ready, How do I Start?

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