Should I Buy a Car or Invest?

Every millennial wants to have their dream car?

Tingin ko hindi lang millennial but every pinoy wants to have their dream car.

As the millennial wealth planner, I believe that we work hard so we can achieve our dreams in life; and enjoy life!

But before buying your dream car, take note of the following expenses and check if it is better to buy now or “invest now then buy later (in cash)”.

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5 Millennial Hacks to Achieve Financial Freedom

Anyone can achieve Financial Freedom!

You don’t need to be a CEO or a business tycoon in order to live financially free.

You don’t also need to live in poverty in order to save and invest.

One can enjoy life (#YOLO) at the same time prepare for their future (#YAGO).

You just need to follow these 5 hacks and be on your way towards Financial Freedom.

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5 Ways To Hug The Market Bear

Are you worried about the ups and downs of the stock market?

Are you currently invested in the market and you become anxious everytime you hear the market went down?

Or are you new to investing and you just want to know about CommonCentsPH’s 5 Ways to Hug the Market Bear?

After reading the article, you will learn not only about the 5 Ways to Hug the Market Bear but how to Hug The Market whether it is up (bull) or down (bear).

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Top 3 Financial Mistakes of Fresh Graduates

To all graduates, congratulations!

Welcome to the awesome world of work!

I remember the moment I received my first paycheck.

The proud feeling of being able to earn and be a productive member of society.

But what I don’t remember is how I spent my first paycheck .

Or how I spent the succeding ones on my first years of work.

If you are a fresh graduate, I hope that through this article, you will not commit the financial lessons I or most of my batchmates learned the hard way.

I believe that this article is not only for Fresh Graduates but for everyone who is seeking Financial Freedom.

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