Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance Even If You are Single

Are you single and living the life? #YOLO!

A young independent professional living on his own.

Maybe you help pay mommy and daddy pay the bills for the cable and Internet but you know mommy and daddy can handle the bills themselves?

Have you been approached by a life insurance agent, financial advisor, or wealth planner about Life Insurance with Investment or VUL?

And told them you don’t need VUL yet?

They ask, “Why?”

And your answer is straight and simple: “I’m Single!”

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Top 3 Financial Mistakes of Fresh Graduates

To all graduates, congratulations!

Welcome to the awesome world of work!

I remember the moment I received my first paycheck.

The proud feeling of being able to earn and be a productive member of society.

But what I don’t remember is how I spent my first paycheck .

Or how I spent the succeding ones on my first years of work.

If you are a fresh graduate, I hope that through this article, you will not commit the financial lessons I or most of my batchmates learned the hard way.

I believe that this article is not only for Fresh Graduates but for everyone who is seeking Financial Freedom.

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Accomplish this Financial Checklist before your 30’s

Our 20’s is the time when we YOLO (You Only Live Once)!

We earn and spend! We enjoy life not thinking about tomorrow!

And why should we? We are in our prime! We can always double our work and we have all the time.

But this is not always the case. What you do in your 20’s will dictate how you will live the rest of your life.

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