Should I Buy a Car or Invest?

Every millennial wants to have their dream car?

Tingin ko hindi lang millennial but every pinoy wants to have their dream car.

As the millennial wealth planner, I believe that we work hard so we can achieve our dreams in life; and enjoy life!

But before buying your dream car, take note of the following expenses and check if it is better to buy now or “invest now then buy later (in cash)”.

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Are You Torn Between #YOLO and Saving for the Future?

You are not alone!

I feel you. I am also a Millennial.

I see money not an end in itself but as means to enjoy life, travel the world, and pursue my dreams and passion.

This is the reason why most millennials have no savings and are drowning in debt.

We might be enjoying life now but we will suffer in the future when those debts pile up and we can’t afford to retire because we have bills to pay.

But it doesn’t need to be that way, we can live #YOLO at the same time save for the future.

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