The Biggest Investment Risk!

A lot of people would like to jump right into INVESTING but they don’t have the adequate PROTECTION yet.

Why do we need to get protected? Because life is full of RISKS.

And when it comes to investment the biggest risk is not the financial market, government, or the global economy, it is the INVESTOR HIMSELF.

When you buy a car, what do you purchase to protect it from risks such as accidents or floods? A Comprehensive Car Insurance averaging P15,000-P30,000++.

When you buy a house what do you purchase to protect it from fire, earthquake, and other natural disasters? A Comprehensive Building/House Insurance averaging P30,000-P50,000++.

But what happens to the car and the house when the owner becomes disabled or critically ill without any protection?

If it is still loaned in the bank, what will happen to the car or the house?

It will be repossessed or foreclosed.

What will happen to the money in the bank? It will be withdrawn.

What will happen to the investments? It will be liquidated.

Protecting the Investor = Protecting the SOURCE WEALTH.

You are your Biggest investment!

Below is the Financial Pyramid:

If you’ve read The Ultimate Foundation of Wealth, the foundation of wealth is the ABILITY TO CREATE PROFIT.

The number 2 strategy is to minimize cost. Having a Protection Plan will make sure to minimize cost and that your wealth will not decrease.

There is a saying that Life’s Greatest Risk is Not To Risk At All!

When you have a Protection Plan, you can take Life’s Risk with Peace of Mind!

Your Millennial Wealth Planner,

Harold Q. Gardon, CWP, CEPP

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